The Word Made Digital Showcase

A showcase of my project work for the class CMS.609: The Word Made Digital, at MIT

By: Matt Farejowicz

Program 1: work, work, work

Prompt: Write a very simple text generator that is nevertheless interesting ... it should do something new with language and computation.

Program 2: Down the Staircase (Link will download .py to your computer)

Prompt: Create your own tiny computer-generated booklet using (1) a short, self-contained Python program of no more than 66 lines (80 characters/line); (2) a single printed sheet, US letter size, which can be printed single-sided or double-sided.

Program 3: BotBook

Prompt: The implementation of an originally non-digital writing procedure, of writing within a set pre-digital form, or of writing using a constraint, such as an Oulipian constraint. You should select an existing formal writing technique of some sort and implement it. You can make a system that is general (works on any source text) or not.

Program 4: Expression (Link will download .py to your computer)

Prompt: Produce an interactive prototype that engages language and computation. It may be a game, may be a multimedia production, may be networked, etc. but in any case should be as simple as possible for its purpose. It should be interactive ... and capable of being shown in an interactive demo.